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Jeanne Moreau Wows in French Film, Elevator to the Gallows

By | May 10, 2016

Jeanne Moreau wows in the 1958 French film, Elevator to the Gallows.  This is film noir, but the au lait to this cafe noir, if you will, is Ms. Moreau. After many twists and turns, the Paris detectives finally get everything straightened-out.  But not before Jeanne Moreau wanders the nighttime streets of Paris for hours, wearing  Chanel and… Read More »

Mexican Film, Leap Year, is a Gritty Alternative to Rom-Com

By | February 12, 2016

The Mexican film, Leap Year (2010), is a gritty alternative to romantic comedy.  Although it is about a young woman’s love life, it is no chick flick. Leap Year (2010) defines the notion of a low budget film.  Originally titled, Ano bisiesto, this Mexican film takes place in Mexico City.  One of the reasons I watched it was… Read More »

Brian De Palma’s Body Double Stalks Creepy, Voyeuristic Arc

By | January 17, 2016

Brian De Palma’s Body Double stalks a creepy, voyeuristic story arc that treads the inscrutable ground of an actor’s mental and emotional demons. Brian De Palma’s Body Double (1984) is one of a long line of films which have breached the sometimes icy, sometimes heated, waters of creeping, watching, stalking and voyeurism.  But who is doing it and… Read More »

A Great Interview: Judy Greer and Nat Faxon of Married on FX

By | July 15, 2015

Check out this great interview on HuffPost Live with Judy Greer and Nat Faxon of Married on FX, a no-holds-barred, crazy ride, much like the FX show. In the interview, Judy Greer and Nat Faxon of Married on FX discuss their roles as married couple, Lina and Russ Bowman, on the comedic FX show. Married on FX is… Read More »

Brokeback Mountain Recalls Hud as Two Sides of the Same Coin

By | March 31, 2015

Brokeback Mountain and Hud are so similar that they seem two of a kind, peas in a pod, polar bookends of the same, but ultimately different, story. While the similarities in the cinematography and score had me looking at the credits of both movies, obviously, the commonality here is the strong hand of novelist and screenwriter, Larry McMurtry,… Read More »

American Psycho Nailed Yuppie Greed and Excess of the 80’s

By | January 10, 2015

American Psycho, a darkly comedic movie, is a not so subtle metaphor for the greed, excess, and selfishness of yuppie America in the 80’s starring Christian Bale. American Psycho, released in 2000, is based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis, he of the 80’s yuppie excess love affair.  What struck me on the… Read More »

The 1962 Movie “State Fair” is a Surprisingly Sordid Affair

By | November 14, 2014

The 1962 movie, State Fair, is a strange and painful trip to the Texas State Fair featuring racing cars, mincemeat pie, a thousand pound hog, and surprisingly sordid romantic affairs. Earlier this year, I had a chance to watch the 1962 version of the movie musical, State Fair.  The principal young stars were Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Ann-Margret and… Read More »