English Longbowmen Used Zombie Defense Tactics at Agincourt

By | October 24, 2014

On October 25, 1415, a severely outnumbered force of English completely destroyed the French at Agincourt demonstrating special Zombie defense tactics.

In a stunning victory during the Hundred Years War, English forces devastated the French on French soil at Agincourt.  Understanding the tactics used could aid greatly in the defense against overwhelming numbers of attacking Zombies.  There were several key features to the English victory which employed Zombie defense tactics.

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The English numbered only about 6000.  However, about 5000 of these men were armed with the longbow.  They deployed on the flanks of the English formation.  A French force of about 20,000 to 30,000 men faced them.  The English had placed palings in the ground to create resistance against the French attack, especially by the cavalry.  The palings were sharpened stakes driven into the ground.

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When the French were about 300 yards away the English longbowmen fired upon them with about six arrows per minute.  These arrows were shot high into the sky in a high arc and rained down on the French.  That is about 30,000 missiles per minute raining down on the French.  This created utter devastation and the fallen French forces blocked the escape of the others.

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The terrain and conditions also greatly favored the English.  The French funneled themselves into a field between two forested areas which effectively created barriers on the sides preventing escape.  Additionally, the ground was soggy and muddy and this boggy mess precluded a quick escape for the armored French forces.

In a matter of minutes, thousands of French were killed by the longbows.  The English then advanced forward to finish them off after they had shot all their arrows.  In a matter of three hours the English had killed around 10,000 French.  These French casualties were known as The Flower of French Society.  Knights and noblemen alike were among the French dead.  The English suffered just more than 100 killed and less than 500 casualties overall.

To apply this lesson of Zombie defense tactics, please consider the following elements:

  • Trap them in a clearing between two forests.
  • Get them on soggy, boggy, muddy ground.
  • Use palings to thwart their advance.
  • Rain hell down on them with arrows shot high in the air from afar and keep it coming.
  • Once you have wasted enough to litter the ground, move in with the coup de grace on the stragglers at your earliest convenience.
  • Be careful.
  • Enjoy.

Credit for source material above and for a more detailed explanation of the English victory at Agincourt, please see Great Military Disasters, edited by Michael E. Haskew.

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