FCS Abilene Christian Beat FBS Troy on Saturday

By | September 17, 2014

The FCS Abilene Christian Wildcats beat the FBS Troy Trojans 38-35 on Saturday in Troy, Alabama.

The FCS Abilene Christian Wildcats notched a Sun Belt FBS victim Saturday when they beat the Troy Trojans 38-35 at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Troy, Alabama.  It was the first win of the season for the Wildcats.  Troy remains winless on the year.

Abilene Christian looks like they might be pretty good.  Their first game of the season was a one point loss at FBS Georgia State.  Then they lost by six at home to Northern Arizona.  They have a 1-2 record after playing two FBS teams on the road and their losses have been by a grand total of seven points.  Time will tell, however, as the Wildcats are in the always tough Southland Conference of the FCS.  This is their second season in the FCS after moving up from Division II.

When I think of Abilene Christian, thoughts of tough Texas college football tumble through my mind like a sagebrush driven on a dusty West Texas wind.   This would usually be the case for any Texas college football team that has had the fire in the belly necessary to move up to a higher division in college football.  From Abilene Christian moving up to FCS to Texas State and Texas-San Antonio moving up to FBS in recent years, this does not happen by accident.  You need a group of square-jawed alumni and supporters, oil-fueled and otherwise liquid, who want to move up and have the grunt to put their money where their mouth is.  It is a big commitment to play college football and a big undertaking to move up divisions once you are playing.  They say, “Lets move up.  We can play with anyone.”  And they do it.  Texas style.  I like that.


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