FCS Indiana State Beat FBS Ball State Saturday

By | September 17, 2014

The Indiana State Sycamores beat the Ball State Cardinals 27-20 Saturday for another FCS win over FBS teams this season.

In an effort to put a more positive spin on these games, it should be noted that there is no positive spin to put on these games if you are the FBS victim.  Therefore, these games will forthwith be covered from the FCS perspective.  There is, however, this caveat.  All rights are reserved to heap abuse on any FBS team losing to an FCS team.  These rights will be exercised as the circumstances determine and as the fickle finger of fate points to any egregiously excessive result.

Thus, Indiana State did a great job of waltzing into the friendly confines of Ball State’s Schuemann Stadium in Muncie, Indiana, and walking away not only with victory, but with the Victory Bell.  It should be noted, and apologies to those already steeped in the ways and means of pay games, that all of these FCS upsets have been on the hallowed turf of the FBS vanquished making them ever so painful.  And Indiana State did also administer an especially crushing death blow to the egos of said Cardinals since it was an in-state game.  Let the Sycamore chest thumping, drum beating, trash talking and Victory Bell ringing ensue.  (Editors note:  ensue is not the right word for something that has no doubt already reached a crescendo after four days.)

And this is also particularly painful to the Cardinals who just a week earlier led Iowa 13-3 with about 8:30 to go in the game only to fall into a miasma of injuries, setbacks, and big-time Hawkeye playmaking to miserably clutch defeat from the jaws of victory and lose 17-13.

At this point all one can tell dear Ball State is, in the not so immortal words of perhaps the ultimate college coed, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

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