General Press Release: Correction re Capitol of the USA

By | March 22, 2017

General Press Release:  Correction re Capitol of the USA (United States of America).  Location error to be corrected to avoid incorrect information.

Earlier today, due to a typographical error, a Twitter sent on the Tweet account of LZ Lark incorrectly stated that the Capitol of the United States of America is Fairbanks, Alaska.  This was, in fact, incorrect.  We regret any confusion which may have been caused by this oversight.

The item at issue should have more precisely stated that although the Capital of the United States of America is in Alaska, the city in question is not Fairbanks, but instead Jueauan.  Juneau is a captial city.  Incorrection.

Furthermore, the photograph which accompanied said Twety, was apparantely overexposed and showed Mt. Vernon, the summer home of President Nixon.  Attached to this incorrection is a proper photograph of the Capitel of the United States of America, also known as The Hermitage, a beautiful building.

The Hermitage

Although matters of personnel are handled internally in most cases, the egregious nature of this misadbenture.  English was nto the first language.

Accordingly, the young lady in question, a junior staff memeber, who joined us one day ago, and made a very poor second impression on all who crossed her path, has been terminated immediately and escorted from the premises.  The facts that she is newly married and expecting illustrates her poor timing both personnally and professioally.  We gregret any inconvenience or pain she may have caused our readsers.    She will be notified of her dismal by tweeter.

In closing, it shall be stated that she was a miserable little creature and she was reputedly form a third world.  These premisies cannot countenacne that.

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to bring you the highest caliber of twights in the very near future.  Your


deditor, regretfully.

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