North Carolina and Boston College: Cupcake Hogging in 2015

By | August 7, 2015

The evil eye of the weak sister bogus non-conference college football schedule witch hunt patrol is on two ACC teams for their cupcake hogging in 2015.

In its annual attempt to ferret out the smoke and mirrors scofflaws of big-time college football, the evil eye casts its hungry gaze upon the  apparent shameless, and infamous, gall of not one, but two, members of the Atlantic Coast Conference who have scheduled not one, but two, 2015 games against FCS opponents.  Yes, North Carolina and Boston College, the evil eye can not only see, but it can also count.  Nothing gets past the evil eye.

Army and Appalachian State scheduled more than one FCS game in 2014

If recent memory serves me correctly, it seems that not so long ago the PAC-12 was heard calling out the Power Five conferences that schedule four non-conference games.  That would be the Big Ten, SEC and the ACC.  Only the Big 12 joins the PAC-12 in scheduling only three non-conference games.  And while it is true that for six of those ACC members one of those non-conference games will be against the definitively legitimate power opponent Notre Dame, that is not likely to salve the wounds of the PAC-12.  USC and Stanford play non-conference games this year against Notre Dame, too.

SMU Football Rolling the Dice on Homecoming Happiness

And when those same PAC-12 challengers hear that some of the dreaded four non-conference game, Power Five schools, are working the system in a Houdini-like way that only Kansas State could truly appreciate, there could be further howls of indignation, screams of bloody murder babies, and general wailing in your soup crying.  You can be sure that would be the case if legitimate national title contenders Florida State or Clemson were working the system like this.

There were Eight FCS Victories over FBS Teams in 2014

But since it is Boston College and North Carolina, maybe it is all a moot point anyway.  Right now, neither is a national title contender, and only one of those FCS games will count for their bowl eligibility, should they pull off the monster upset.  Apparently, quality wins in the hunt for the national championship are not a concern for these two ACC schools right now.  So who really cares?  Well, not so fast, my friend.  The evil eye cares, and cares deeply.  You see, it’s all about the sprinkles!

So, without further ado, let’s bring out the cupcakes!  Hungry, those Eagles and Tar Heels.  Who knew they were such fans of Ernie Banks and the Chicago Cubs.  “Let’s play two!”

Okay.  Boston College is loading up on the cupcakes right out of the box, no apologies, no remorse and no confessions.  Their first two games are September 5, against Maine, and September 12, against Howard.  It is to belabor the obvious to say that these are home games.  You see, you always gobble these FCS kind of cupcakes at home.  Anyway, if Boston College is that worried about scheduling wins, then the Maine game could be more than they bargained for if they don’t have their act together.  The Black Bears were in the FCS playoffs two years ago.  After these two, it is at home against Florida State on September 18.  I guess the Eagles think they need two tune-up games before taking on the Seminoles.  And they are probably right.

The road to the giant cupcake in the sky will be well traveled in 2015 by ACC powers North Carolina and Boston College.

Don’t look now, but is that Carolina Blue smoke trailing from the giant cupcake in the sky?

A little further south, down the Atlantic seaboard, we find that North Carolina  has the munchies, too.  After a tune-up against South Carolina on September 3, on a so-called neutral field in Charlotte, they might be ready for a home game against North Carolina A&T on September 12.   Then after another tune-up at home against Illinois on September 19, they could be ready for the Blue Hens of Delaware who also visit Chapel Hill on September 26.  Sorry, but I have just never understood this type of scheduling.  At least Boston College had the good sense to schedule their two FCS games as the first two of the season.  And like Boston College, if North Carolina is that worried about scheduling wins, let’s hope they don’t get tuned-up by Delaware who used to be a card carrying member of the FCS playoffs.  Or let’s hope they do.  If you are going to double down on FCS games, then you are really rolling the dice on an embarrassing loss.  Could the Tar Heels lay an egg against the Blue Hens?  Is that confusing?  Well, it’s no more confusing than the secret inside dope I have here:  you see North Carolina was hoping that the casual observer would think that instead of playing Delaware, they were actually playing Michigan.  Those Tar Heels are sky blue tricksters.

To sum it up, the evil eye of the weak sister bogus non-conference college football schedule witch hunt patrol is not only giving you the stink eye, Boston College and North Carolina, but is also openly wishing you a glorious and well deserved FCS loss for being such swine at the FCS cupcake hogging table.  Now go get ’em Maine and Delaware, and don’t be shy about adding a little extra icing on top.  Sprinkles, anyone?

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