North Carolina State’s Cupcake Non-Conference Football Schedule

By | September 10, 2014

The evil eye of the weak sister bogus non-conference schedule witch hunt patrol offers its sincere apology for not earlier noticing the complete and total cupcake with extra icing that is the Wolfpack’s non-conference schedule.

The only cogent explanation is that the evil eye was completely  bamboozled by the shameless smoke and mirrors employed by NC State in an effortless affront on bowl qualification.   The evil eye is ashamed and embarrassed.  But not so embarrassed as to schedule the  Presbyterian Blue Hose.

Shameful, this atrocity:

8/30 Georgia Southern (NC State squeaks by 24-23)

9/6 Old Dominion (NC State powers by 46-34)

9/13 at South Florida (pretty legit)

9/20 Presbyterian Blue Hose (NC State wins 223-0 and who cares?  “Cumberland cares,” cries a voice from the wilderness.  Pray for your souls, Presbyterian, for NC State, for all cupcakes ever and those that schedule them, may God help you all.)

9/27 Florida State (Defending National Not A Cupcake.  The foregoing schedule will get NC State ready for this game according to a 7 year old girl selling, uh, err, cupcakes at Carter-Finley Stadium.  Sage, those Wolfpups …)

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