To Relax, Enter the World of the Cat

By | July 18, 2014
I will not judge you.

I will not judge you.

I have read a lot of things about the benefits of meditation.  I have never gotten into it, but let me clue you in on something I have done from time to time.   It is relaxing and enjoyable in a very quiet way.  I call this “Enter the World of the Cat.”

Tuxedo Cat Button by LZ Lark

You only need a few things to do this.  The first thing you need is a cat.  If you don’t have a cat you probably don’t want to do this anyway.  And that is ok, too.   Admittedly, this is probably for cat people.  Then you need a room.  This won’t really work otherwise.  And, if you don’t have a room, then you probably don’t have a cat.  Next, you need to turn off all the electronica in the room.  I am talking about all the electronic media distractions that have entered our world over the years.  Turn off the television, radio, computer, stereo, ipod, headphones, cellphone and every other modern electronic distraction you have.  They can wait.  Your cat does not need these things.  Trust me on this.  And neither do you.  You will immediately find things to be quieter and calmer.  You will be able to think again in a more relaxed manner.  Absent the glow and flow of screens, and the constant noise, the agitation and anxiousness caused by the electronic media drivers will be replaced by calm and reflection.  This is about relaxing and de-stressing.  Consider it an electronica detox.  Pretty soon it is just you and the cat.  Don’t talk to the cat.   The cat will not talk to you.  Just sit there.  You are becoming a cat.  I have read that, in the wild, cats do not communicate verbally much among one another.  You will soon find yourself alone in a room with your cat.   Things are quiet and relaxed.  The outside world does not matter.  Time drifts silently by.  Think 1814, not 2014.  You have entered the world of the cat.

Try this some day.  If you are feeling uptight and stressed out.  If the world of electronica is getting to you, this will chill you right out.  Relax.  You can get away from all the swirl of thoughts in your head that you can never quite get a grip on.  Go with it.  Go with the flow.  Your cat can help you and teach you.  Your cat does not have an agenda or a schedule.  Your cat is not judging you.  Find yourself again with quiet time with a cat.  Enter the World of the Cat.