Fans of Tyrant on FX may be Interested in the Alhambra

By | July 21, 2015

Fans of Tyrant on FX may be interested in the art and architecture of the Alhambra, a fantastic Moorish castle overlooking Granada, Spain.


The intricate designs seen in the interior sets on Tyrant on FX have antecedents in history which include the Moorish outposts built in Spain centuries ago.  The FX show features these exquisite works of art.  The Moors came from North Africa.  Additionally, there is extensive Moorish influence in the design and architecture throughout southern Spain.  These influences can also be seen in the Royal Alcazar of Seville.  The greatest example of this Moorish influence is the Alhambra, a fortress, palace, and gardens complex outside of, and high above, Granada, Spain.

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Wooden Ceiling with Golden Stars The Alhambra Square Sticker

The fortress is quite intimidating with its high walls since it is already on a lofty vantage point.  The walls have a number of towers which have defensive positions built inside of them as well as on top.  The fortress towers over the city of Granada, Spain.






The interior is quite beautiful with many carvings, mosaics, pools and Moorish designs.







Just down a tree-lined way is the Generalife, an extensive garden on the grounds of the Alhambra.





For a taste of North Africa, far beyond the confines of the FX show, a place like the Alhambra in southern Spain could be just the ticket for the Tyrant in you.  You can literally feel the presence of the Sahara Desert weighing heavily in the air.  It is just across the Mediterranean Sea, a vast monster with flaming hot breath of fire.  I can honestly say that the hottest place I have ever been was nearby in the Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain.  Whoever decided to build that was either aiming at building the world’s largest oven or was a close relative of the Marquis de Sade.  I think maybe his deranged, Spanish, half-brother, the baker, and part-time undertaker, the Marquis de Gree.  That heat, even if it wasn’t totally enjoyable, it was kind of interesting.  It gives you an idea of how the other half lives.  Oh, but did I mention it’s a dry heat?  Oh, yes, it’s totally dry and somehow that makes 120 degrees seem like, um, about 120 degrees.  Fancy that.

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