Horizon Web Series is High-Quality, Action-Packed, Sci-Fi

By | November 7, 2016

The Horizon web series is a high-quality, action-packed, science fiction drama set in and around Bristol, United Kingdom.

If you like alien invasion fare featuring cool special effects, this 2015 production might be the ticket for you.  The unseen forces behind a gigantic alien spaceship decide to park the thing right over downtown Bristol.  From there a number of very strange and sinister sub-units drop from the mother ship, wreaking havoc on military and civilian aircraft, the city, and the townsfolk therein.

The military aircraft attack scenes are pretty intense and the UFO’s defense against them does a tremendous amount of collateral damage.  There is also some lower tech, but decidedly gritty, gun-play involving the mere humans.  The dramatic aspects of this series, and the old school scenery, balance the special effects to provide a very complete production.

UFO Button by LZ Lark

The story revolves around a group of family and friends.  These actors are mostly unknown to U.S. audiences, my guess, and that adds a breath of fresh air and credibility to the series.  The young principals do a very nice job of it, too.  For example, the interaction of corporate climber, Nicole (Kate Marie Davies), and hard-case, Sanders (Jason Allen), shows some promise of romance should the gun-play among humans, and the meddling of those pesky aliens, reach a suitable lull.  Additionally, it should be noted that Simon Pearce, who plays Dan, appears to be a majordomo of this effort, as he is also among those wearing the hats of writer, editor and executive producer.  The Horizon web series, and the people behind it, seem, in large part, to be Bristol born and bred.  That is a good thing.  A little spin around the internet tells me that Bristol is hip.  You dig?  So, are you tired of Hollywood?  If so, Bristol might be your cup of tea.

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The Bristol and countryside setting is also a refreshing change of pace.  Some of the action revolves around the Clifton Suspension Bridge, high above the River Avon which is at the depths of the Avon Gorge.  Completed in 1864, the span is an old-school, signature landmark of Bristol.

Horizon is comprised of ten short installments of a few minutes each which can be watched individually or all at once.  Watching it straight through takes 53 short minutes and in an unbroken binge it presents like a film.

The Horizon web series is available on the Horizon website and is presented on Vimeo in very crisp HD.  The producers and powers that be of this production, as well as the cast and crew, are hoping to complete a second and final season of Horizon.  The details of the proposed second season are also on the website.

Horizon reminded me somewhat of the film Skyline (2010), albeit with the much lower budget befitting a digital web series.  However, it stands up very well on its own and is exciting and engaging.  Check out the first episode which is ideal for the time-pressed at just under five minutes.  My guess is you will be hooked and plow right on through the whole thing in one go.  At a minimum, take a look at the city of Bristol, it will broaden your horizons.  Yep, I did that.  And I am not sorry, either.

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