Murder is a Laughing Matter in Body Complications Web Series

By | January 24, 2017

Langton Productions, the work of Calsey Langton, has produced five humorous installments of murderous fun, the Body Complications web series.

The five-part Body Complications web series addresses the recurring nightmare I am sure we have both suffered which is how to dispose of that dead body we just created.  What?  You don’t think like that?  Well, I do, and so does Calsey Langton, and who knows how many others.  So, let’s just say great minds think alike.  Anyway, anyone of those proclivities, or just looking for a laugh, might get a kick out of this short web series from 2015.

The two main characters are Andy, played by Calsey Langton, and her friend Lucy, played by Lilly Dennis.  Additionally, the character of Flora, played by Angela Getz, has a knack for ill-timed entrances and may eventually be a boon to our two young killers.  Flora is an arch Carmen Miranda type, but overtly lusty and with experience in murder.  There are many funny lines in this web series and some are very sly.  Regarding the cartel, Flora’s, “Who aren’t they after?” is one of the best.  And ill-timed entrances are the stock and trade of the Body Complications web series.  Most of those making them end up dead.  In Body Complications one dead body begets another.  It is just a matter of keeping the trail covered.

These young ladies are no seasoned pros when it comes to the killing game, so it is something of an on-the-job training for them.  And speaking of seasoned pros, our girls even meet and disrespect a creepy serial killer.

Langton Productions YouTube Channel

Additionally, Langton Productions has another short, two-part, web series spoofing the ever-present YouTube make-up tutorials, called Tiffanni and Typhani Tutorials.  These are presented with a deadpan effort that is slyly subversive.  Hopefully, everyone gets the parody.  You never know.  I guess these YouTube make-up tutorials have a real audience, but for any guys out there they admittedly are tough to sit through.  I would recommend the Tiffanni and Typhani Tutorials instead.  You will get the drift of a make-up tutorial and be entertained at the same time.  I would definitely like to see more of these tutorials in an expanded web series.

The make-up tutorial installments reminded me of Liz and Liz, of PubLIZity, on the Kroll Show and, overall, both web series reminded me of that and also Broad City.  There is talent here and creativity.  Perhaps these two web series could be a calling card for a future at someplace like Comedy Central.  Until then, enjoy them on YouTube.

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